Have you checked yourself for Mouth Cancer this Month? If you are familiar with our work you will know all about our Bite Back at Mouth Cancer campaign. It is a simple check we developed for the mouth. It is quick and easy and can be done after cleaning your teeth. We recommend doing it at least once a month. All you need is a good light source and clean fingers. To see the full check and become familiar with the signs and symptoms visit

There are easy to do self-check tests for a variety of other cancers and illnesses but there is nothing similar for mouth, head or neck cancer. Carrying out a thorough mouth cancer examination at home can save lives. Be familiar with the signs and symptoms to look out for and learn to act sooner. Early detection is key in the fight against mouth cancers.

Bite Back at Mouth Cancer shows members of the public what to look for and how to seek help if they find something out of the ordinary. This will allow head and neck cancers to be caught earlier. Head and neck cancers are particularly vicious and debilitating when detected late. Patients who survive are a huge drain on medical resources for the rest of their lives, in terms of post operative and the psychological care required. With earlier detection, lives are saved and costs on the NHS will reduce dramatically.