A small UK company, Unitalk has launched ‘Chabble’, a unique communication and translation Licence for tablets and iPads. Chabble will revolutionise the way many people communicate who either have a condition that affects their speech and movement or who simply want to break down language barriers and be understood quickly without the requirement of interpreters.

Chabble will enable thousands of patients who have difficulty speaking following mouth cancer surgery to communicate with their carers, professionals and loved ones face to face or across the internet, (some for the first time ). This is also the same for people with neurological conditions such Stroke, Brain Injury, Aphasia, MS, Autism and many others. No keyboard or voice is required, just the simple touch of one finger on a tablet will provide a better quality of care.  

This new communication tool is the brainchild of Martin Harris from Cardiff, who spent years working with people who have learning disabilities. Martin realised that there was a challenge to connect people online or offline who for different reasons are unable to use a keyboard or voice.

People can download chabble on iOS or Android or purchase it already set up on a Tablet. Utilising this new patented technology people can select pre-set phrases and statements using only a finger touch to communicate. This allows users to discuss emotions, health concerns, request items/actions or choose food/drink or other personal items. They can meet and chat online without using a keyboard or voice and there are plans to put this into over 30 languages switching between users. For more information visit