Mouth Cancer Foundation Patient Ambassador, Eva Grayzel, is up to her fundraising antics again. This time she is working with former professional basketball player, Karl Tatham, who also organises basketball camps for at-risk children, changing their perspectives on what they can achieve.

Score 4 Screenings is a free event giving participants the chance to take part in fun activities as well as experiencing a FREE oral cancer screening. The venue has 6 indoor basketball hoops, a stage, sound system, and plenty of parking.    

Eva says “Karl and I are thrilled to provide the community an educational and fun program. I will share my survivorship story to raise awareness and save lives. Please consider supporting this worthwhile event. Proceeds are earmarked to fund a new initiative at the Oral Cancer Foundation: Check Your Mouth. We know about self-exams for breasts. We know about the ABCD and E's of skin cancer. It's time to get acquainted with our mouths. What is normal? What isn't? Have you looked in your mouth lately? Do you know the signs and symptoms of oral cancer? This disease could have robbed me of the ability to smile, eat, speak and kiss. After regaining my ability to do all these things, I feel obligated to work hard raising awareness. But, I can't do it alone. I need your help.”

Ok so their event is happening in Jacksonville, Florida between 3pm and 5pm on Saturday 19th August, but that doesn’t stop anyone supporting this great cause and helping Eva and Karl reach their fundraising goal. And if you happen to be in Florida that weekend, why not go along? For more information visit