We want to recognise the efforts of one of our regular fundraisers who works tirelessly for the Mouth Cancer Foundation. In 2012, Kerry Small from the Midlands raised over £700.00 and this year plans to reach a target of £2000.00. Kerry, along with her sister and friends will be climbing Mt Snowdon in June. No mean feat considering their fear of heights!

As mouth cancer is on the rise around the world, we are pleased to see that our colleagues at the Oral Cancer Foundation echo our mission to increase early detection of head and neck cancers by encouraging dental practices across the United States and Canada to offer free mouth cancer screenings for at least three hours one day during the month to people in their communities.  

No Smoking Day is celebrated annually on the second Wednesday of March to help smokers who want to break free from their habit and escape the chains of addiction.

Please vote for us if you feel we deserve to win. All you need to do follow the link below and select our names Vinod Joshi (tick from suggested shortlist) Krishan Joshi (tick from suggested shortlist) Philip Lewis (tick from suggested shortlist)

The scheme has been designed to recognise dental practices that demonstrate a visible commitment to increasing public awareness of mouth cancer screening to all patients and to establish a documented referral pathway with a local specialist department.

The symposium, held as part of the Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme grant, will include presentations from national and international experts who will discuss the various clinical and public health responses to this emerging new cancer epidemic.

The Swallows Head & Neck Cancer Support, Head and Neck Social Group, HANDS (Dorset Cancer Care) and Ashford Laryngectomy Club, were selected from a high number of applications we received from support groups and projects across the UK that work with and support people affected by head and neck cancers.