The link between the Human Papillomava Virus (HPV) and mouth cancer is well documented with HPV now being acknowledged as one of the leading causes of the disease.   HPV is a very common virus group.  It affects skin and mucosal areas of the body and can be spread by skin contact.  Most infections are fought off by the body’s immune system.  However it does cause 5% of all cancers. 

This Friday 23rd September 19 teams will be swinging it out in the Golf Team Challenge at Condover Golf Club in Shrewsbury hoping to win the Clare Memorial Cup. 

In just two months the dental industry will come together rocking it at the Dental Charity Winter Ball in aid of the Mouth Cancer Foundation.  The event has almost sold out but there are still a few tickets left. 

Sun screen…√ Sun hat…√ Picnic…√ Walking shoes…√ Great – you are already for the 11th Mouth Cancer 10KM Awareness Walk!  The start and finish area is at the Bandstand in Hyde Park and the walk starts at 12 noon on Saturday 20th August 2016.

Once again, the Mouth Cancer Foundation is thrilled to announce that King’s College Hospital is able to donate their screening unit to the charity’s walk in two weeks’ time.  The screening unit will be manned by Mouth Cancer Foundation’s Ambassadors, Mr Mahesh Kumar and Mr Bhavin Visavadia and their colleagues from London North West Healthcare NHS Trust. 

Earlier this year we brought you the story of the Chappell family who on learning 40 year old David Chappell had been diagnosed with tongue cancer, shortly before his birthday last year, decided to plan a 5k sponsored walk to raise awareness about mouth cancer. 

Today, Wednesday 27th July 2016 is World Head and Neck Cancer Day.   Here at the Mouth Cancer Foundation we are joining many organisations around the globe in observing this day by urging everyone to take a moment and check their own mouth using our Bite Back at Mouth Cancer information.