It is an important step forward that will benefit the health of many boys as two strains of HPV virus are increasingly recognised as causes of mouth cancer. Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Andre Corriveau, estimates that extending HPV coverage to boys would cost between $5 million and $8 million.

To say 'thank you' to our Top Fundraisers for the walk, we would like to award them with prizes. If you are able to help us and sponsor a £50.00 or £100.00 prize, please get i touch.  

Everyone at the Mouth Cancer Foundation is getting excited about the 7th annual Mouth Cancer 10km Awareness Walk. Preparations are well underway to announce details of our next walk which we are hoping to make the biggest walk yet. Get ready to join us to raise awareness of  mouth cancer and generate the much needed funds.

Today we’ve been talking a lot about a portable, miniature microscope developed by a team of researchers from the University of Texas in Austin, USA.  They have designed a probe which is about 20 cm long and 1 cm wide at its tip in the hope of reducing the time taken to detect mouth cancer.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation has always encouraged people to give up gutkha. And now, for the first time, research in the US has identified a specific oral cancer-causing chemical used in smokeless tobacco products.

Cancer patients have many concerns and often want to talk to someone to share their experiences. We would like to build a network of Patient Representatives who are willing to spare a few hours, as required, to talk, email or visit patients in their homes. Contact us for more information. 

 One of the communication tools that aims to help is the Alexicom App which is available in five languages and can be downloaded onto either a phone, Ipad or Ipod.  Once it is set up, patients can use it by clicking words/pictures that will “speak” the word or sentence attached to it.  For more information on the application, please visit

We now want to expand our network of support groups to be able to help even more people.  If you run a support group or are a patient who attends a support group you would like to recommend to include on our new website then please get in touch. 

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month in the USA. In support of this initiative, the Mouth Cancer Foundation is urging everyone to make an appointment to see their dentist and to undergo regular dental checks every six months. Early detection of mouth cancer can save your life!