Experiences and patients' stories

Some of the patients at the Mouth Cancer Foundation have contributed accounts of their experiences for sharing with you in the hope that they will be of some help. You can contribute your stories too by contacting us.

BBP developed tongue cancer. This is his update 6 years later!

AK's story is told in his own humourous style. Be prepared for a long read...

Message board member A story for Ryan written by his daddy Alan

Message board member Ananth passed away in his sleep on 20th Nov 2009. He fought a long hard battle and over the years gave many of us inspiration to continue with our lives in spite of our cancer. Rest in Peace, Ananth.

The Barry Peers Mouth Cancer Appeal is one of the leading fundraising arms of the Mouth Cancer Foundation. Carol Peers' husband, Barry, passed away on 28 September 2004 after being diagnosed with mouth cancer. Now Carol is raising awareness and funding in memory of her loved one.

BBP developed tongue cancer. This is his story from the beginning! I am male and aged 55 years. I have worked over 20 years in the licensed trade, and have been a smoker (15–20 a day). That puts me in the ‘higher risk’ category.

Brenda Brady's 2007 Christmas cards Increase awareness of mouth cancer and raise funds for the Mouth Cancer Foundation with these original Christmas cards, produced by Brenda Brady.

Caroline passed away on 16 May 2010 following her battle with mouth cancer.

Message board member DA had cancer of the tongue. This is his story. He mentions some favourite foods, which seems to work well with dry mouth problems.  

I am a 44 year-old male living in London. My name is David but when I say it over the phone, people mishear it as Mavis. So instead, I use my middle name, Paul. Message board member

ES developed mouth cancer at the age of 82. This is her story. I first found out I had oral cancer when what I thought was an ulcer in my mouth turned out to be the dreaded cancer. I was 82 at this time. I was really left feeling numb by the diagnosis but I was determined that I was not ready to meet my maker just yet.

SORE GUMS I’m a little vague as to how it all began. I remember having some minor trouble inside my mouth with what I thought was an ulcer. Pastilles, bonjela and a mouthwash were tried – all with little effect.

ILT had cancer of the tongue some thirty years ago. This is his story. My personal account of the events and experiences regarding my medical history and its treatment can best be described in three parts: The initial trouble A malignant rodent ulcer on my tongue The treatment Radiation. Deep x-ray

JFDurocher was never a smoker and consumed the amount of red wine as recommended by the national Cancer institute for a prolonged life. His website documents the diagnosis and treatment of his cancer.

JWR had cancer that involved his jaw bone 19 years ago. This is his story. My story started late in 1983. I had noticed a small lump about the size of a small pea on my jawbone. I was not concerned but my wife insisted I see my GP.

My Mick's Story Before you start to read this you may be wondering why I have written this and not Mick? The reason is that like most wives, I always think I can do things better than my husband! It is now just over 5 years now since his mouth cancer and Mick is in good health and doing fine. Thanks to all who helped and cared for him at this time.

Mouth Tongue and Teeth - A Personal Account During Treatment

"I have set up this very basic personal home page, firstly to chronologically record the initial diagnosis and lengthy treatment, secondly to inform/educate family and friends of specifically, tonsil cancer together with the effects of the relevant treatment."

Message board member The Tongueless Talk - Battling Oral Cancer

Message board member Hi, I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in 2009, which metastased to the tongue, I had 2 grafts to the tongue, obviously removal of tonsils plus all the possible glands – chemo and radio, enteral feeding. I have my one year scan in November 2010. I’m based in France.

SW was diagnosed with Cancer (an adenocarcinoma) in the roof of her mouth 25 years ago. This is her story.

THD developed cancer in the roof of his mouth. This is his story.

Well Here It Is: September 2004 I really thought that I would be back on my feet by now. I am rather shocked that I am not. The last two times I had CANCER, it didn't take this long to "bounce back" so to speak. This time this has kicked my butt!!