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Head and neck cancers are vicious and debilitating when detected late.  Patients who survive are a huge drain on medical resources for the rest of their lives, in terms of post operative and the psychological care required.  With earlier detection, lives are saved and costs on the NHS will reduce dramatically.  The Mouth Cancer 10KM Awareness Walk is a great way to generate publicity about head and neck cancers.  Help us by stepping out to make a difference this September!”

Founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation, Dr Vinod Joshi


Sam Brice, 29, DPAS Marketing Manager from Shaftesbury, Dorset is taking part in the 8th annual Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk for the first time.

Together with his wife, colleagues and their relatives he formed ‘Team DPAS’ to raise money for one of the UK’s leading mouth cancer charities, the Mouth Cancer Foundation. ‘Team DPAS’ consists of Amy Brice, Tracy Webb, Jon Wilding, Anne-Marie Lloyd-Jones, Alastair Boothroyd, Carol Davies, Jo Mooney, Stacey Hume, Michaela McKenchie, Ali Warden, Melissa Reid, Jo Drake, Lucille Derbidge, Becky Shoemark, Oli Mills, Alastair McKenchie, Abbi Warden, Andrew Derbidge, Jade Derbidge, and  Andy Derbidge.

Team DPAS decided to participate in the walk as they want to raise greater awareness of mouth cancer which has a worse ratio of deaths to cases compared with skin, cervical, breast, and prostate cancers.  Dental plan provider, DPAS, based in Tisbury, Wiltshire has also been a longstanding supporter of the charity and sponsors its latest live-saving initiative the Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme.

Mouth Cancer Foundation 10 KM Awareness Walk takes place at 13:00 on Sunday 29th September in Hyde Park, London. People travel from all over the country to spread the message about how important it is to detect mouth cancer early, spot the signs and know the symptoms.

In the UK, nearly 8000 people are diagnosed with Mouth Cancer every year.  Cancers can occur in any part of the mouth, tongue, lips, and adjacent areas like the throat, salivary glands, pharynx, larynx, sinus, and other sites in the head and neck area. In its very early stages, these Mouth Cancers can be easy to ignore.

Symptoms include:

1. An ulcer or white or red patch anywhere in the mouth that does not heal within 3 weeks

2. A lump or swelling anywhere in the mouth, jaw or neck that persists for more than 3 weeks

3. A difficulty in swallowing, chewing or moving the jaw or tongue

5. A numbness of the tongue or other area of the mouth

6. A feeling that something is caught in the throat

7. A chronic sore throat or hoarseness that persists more than 6 weeks

8. An unexplained loosening of teeth with no dental cause

Dr Joshi continues The Mouth Cancer 10KM Awareness Walk is a great opportunity for mouth cancer survivors, their families and friends, the public and health professionals to come together and stand up against this debilitating disease.”

To take part in the FREE Mouth Cancer Foundation 10 KM Awareness Walk visit www.mouthcancerwalk.org. If you wish to sponsor Team DPAS, visit http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/TeamDPAS



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The Mouth Cancer Foundation – mouthcancerfoundation.org

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a registered charity no. 1109298. 

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a charity solely dedicated to supporting people affected by head and neck cancer.  Support can play a pivotal role in meeting the psychosocial needs of patients. The Mouth Cancer Foundation’s online and telephone support service has given head and neck cancer patients and families the opportunity to articulate the consequences of their cancer journey and communicate their shared experiences. It is vital that the charity continues to provide free accessible information resources and ensure Mouth Cancer Foundation support is provided to those that need them.   



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