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“Lives could be saved today as members of the public in East Yorkshire can take advantage of FREE mouth cancer screenings at Perfect 32 Dental Practice during Mouth Cancer Action Month.”

Dr Vinod Joshi. Founder, the Mouth Cancer Foundation

Members of the public are being urged to visit Perfect 32 Dental Practice which is opening its doors between 0830 and 1700 on Thursday 14th November 2013. The address for Perfect 32 is as follows:  8 Ladygate, Beverley, HU17 8BH. Please call 01482 863667 for an appointment.

The screening will be led by Practice Manager, Nicki Rowland, who says “We have decided to get involved in the Mouth Cancer Action Month as we believe the public needs to be more aware about mouth cancer and the importance of regular dental visits. Our patients are screened for mouth cancer at every check up and this is a great opportunity for those without a dentist or whose dentists don’t screen them, to get checked out.”

Dentists have a key role to play in the early detection of mouth cancer and in prevention of the disease by identifying those patients who are exposed to risk factors.  In the UK, nearly 8000 people are diagnosed with Mouth Cancer every year.

Mouth Cancer Action Month runs in conjunction with the Mouth Cancer Foundation’s Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme*. 

Mouth Cancer Foundation People’s Ambassador, Pat Jones, knows just how important it is that dentists carry out mouth cancer screening.  Pat lost her daughter, Clare Jones, to tongue cancer at just 23 years old in March 2007.  Now she is on a mission to raise as much awareness about this lesser known cancer as she can.   Pat says “25% of mouth cancer cases are not associated with any known risk factor, hence the need for vigilance.  Mouth Cancer Action Month is a great opportunity to get a free screening especially if you notice a lump in your mouth that wasn't there before or a mouth ulcer which lasts for more than 3 weeks.  You must get it checked out immediately.”

Clare was a student at Loughborough University when she was first diagnosed in February 2003.  She then faced an operation to remove the right side of her tongue, reconstruction with a flap from her right forearm and a neck dissection.  By 2007, Clare had secondary bone cancer and bravely went through the treatments offered. It was a difficult time for her and she was very, very scared. She worried about the effects of chemo and fertility but finished her chemotherapy and was looking forward to a better 2007. Unfortunately, the MRI scans showed no change in the size of her cancer, which eventually spread to her brain.  Clare’s family now live with a lifetime of heart break. 

Dentist, Dr Karimi will be carrying out the free screenings at Perfect 32. He says “The Screening offers lots of benefits to practices.  As well as saving lives it is a practice builder.  It encourages footfall and trust.  Mouth Cancer Action Month is about saving lives, educating the public about oral cancer and offering everyone the screening they are entitled to. I can think of no activity more important for dental professionals than the early detection of mouth cancer.”

Dr Vinod Joshi, Founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation says Mouth Cancer Action Month has been a huge success in previous years.  Lives have been saved as dentists picked up cases of mouth cancer which would otherwise have gone undiagnosed.  Head and neck cancers are particularly vicious and debilitating when detected late.  Patients who survive are a huge drain on medical resources for the rest of their lives, in terms of post operative and the psychological care required. With earlier detection, lives are saved and costs on the NHS will reduce dramatically.”



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The Mouth Cancer Foundation –

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a registered charity no. 1109298.

Cancers can occur in any part of the mouth, tongue, lips, and adjacent areas like the throat, salivary glands, pharynx, larynx, sinus, and other sites in the head and neck area. In its very early stages, these Mouth Cancers can be easy to ignore.

*The Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme

The Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme is a ‘Two Minute to Save a Life’ screening protocol and 10 point checklist and recognises dental practices that demonstrate a visible commitment to increasing public awareness of mouth cancer and establish a documented referral pathway with a local specialist department. Full membership includes access to a dedicated section of the charity website and FREE 1 hour CPD element as well as a wealth of professional development and training modules suitable for all members of the practice team to ensure regular screening benefits practice patients.

Symptoms include:

1. An ulcer or white or red patch anywhere in the mouth that does not heal within 3 weeks

2. A lump or swelling anywhere in the mouth, jaw or neck that persists for more than 3 weeks

3. A difficulty in swallowing, chewing or moving the jaw or tongue

5. A numbness of the tongue or other area of the mouth

6. A feeling that something is caught in the throat

7. A chronic sore throat or hoarseness that persists more than 6 weeks

8. An unexplained loosening of teeth with no dental cause

More information about Mouth Cancer is available at the Mouth Cancer Foundation web site or by emailing

Perfect 32 –

Perfect 32 is a mixed private and NHS, family dental practice set up by Nicki and Gary Rowland in February 2006.  Principal Dentist, Gary, qualified from Birmingham in 1993 and has a master’s degree in restorative dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute in London.  Nicki had previously worked for 14 years as a NHS physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal and spinal problems, before joining Gary as Practice Manager. 

The team comprises a principal dentist, one associate, a VDP, 4 nurses, 2 receptionists, a deputy practice manager, practice manager and hygienist.   Perfect 32 works very closely with a specialist Implantologist and Maxillofacial Consultant from Hull Royal Infirmary and this link with the hospital has been invaluable in setting up the practice’s oral cancer screening and referral service. 

Perfect 32’s mission is ‘To build a profitable business committed to providing excellence in dentistry in an environment where trust, empathy and investment in our patients and staff are highly valued.’


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