Cancer Medicine e.5 SBN 1-55009-113-12000. by BC Decker Inc. First published 1981. Fifth Edition 2000. Printed in Canada

This edition is a new collaboration with the American Cancer Society. It bears the ACS logo and appears electronically to permit ready and free access to information. The editors have worked to make Cancer Medicine the most authoritative and effective resource available for the student of oncology at all levels. It is hoped that this book will contribute to the continuing education of a variety of health professionals and will aid in the care of patients with cancer to whom all efforts are dedicated.


Section 43. Oncology and the Information Revolution

Clinical oncologists are experiencing unprecedented challenges to research and therapeutic and practice management skills brought on by the necessity to manage the geometric increase in medical information and the striking changes in the clinical practice of oncology demanded by managed competition. The clinical oncologist must be a clinician, researcher, educator, businessperson, statistician, healthcare administrator, and “informatician,” who must interact with the whole patient, both as a specialist and as a primary-care physician.